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Jordan Naftolin
jordan@naftolin.com2800 Elliott Ave Apt. 1116
Seattle, Washington 98121
(206) 374-8352
Relevant Skills
  • Innovative, ambitious, and outgoing
  • Practical problem solving and leadership skills
  • Knowledgeable in C++, Java, Java servlets, Web Services, XML, and Design Patterns
  • Experience with Struts, Lucene, Tomcat, Xerces, Xalan, and Ant
  • Familiar with PHP, UML, SQL, .NET
  • Fluent in English and French

University of WaterlooWaterloo , OntarioSept 1998 - April 2003
Bachelor of Mathematics in Computer Science (Honours, Co-op)
  • Graduated with Distinction
  • Awarded $4,000 Cognos scholarship in recognition of academic performance, work evaluations, and extra-curricular involvement
  • Consistently achieved a greater than 80% average in each academic term

Work Experience
Microsoft - Software Design EngineerAugust 2003 - Present
Redmond , Washington
  • Software Developer on the Portable Media Center team
  • Responsible for implementing the synchronization engine for transferring data to and from device
  • Responsible for the integration of the Digital Rights Management components
  • Responsible for maintaining and extending the Media Library functionality
  • Organized and led a 4-hour workshop on Product Design during the 2005 DigiGirlz summer camp
IBM - Extreme Blue InternJune 2002 - Aug 2002
Cambridge , Massachusetts
  • Created a Web Services framework making it easier to interact with and develop user-centric Web Services
  • Created clients to demonstrate the capabilities and usefulness of this framework using Sash
  • Presented the framework to IBM CEO Sam Palmisano at IBM Corporate Headquarters
Infusion Development - Software DeveloperSept 2001 - Dec 2001
New York , New York
  • Site architect and lead developer for, an online community for the CodeNotes book series
  • Designed and developed a set of administrative tools to update and maintain
  • Assisted in writing several CodeNotes articles
  • Implemented the content management system used by Infusion
WiseUncle - System ArchitectJan 2001 - Apr 2001
Toronto , Ontario
  • Assisted in the design and creation of the WiseUncle system framework
  • Designed and implemented an XML data persistence mechanism
  • Responsible for the design and implementation of the WiseUncle data management tool
IBM - XML EngineerMay 2000 - Aug 2000
Cupertino , California
  • Worked on the Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration (UDDI) server development team
  • Responsible for the process of converting Stylebook XML to PDF
  • Proposed and implemented a more efficient system for organizing the ICU documentation XML source files
  • Presented a Tech Talk to IBM, Cupertino (topic: The PDF Generation Process)
  • Active committer to the XML Apache Formatting Object Processor (FOP) project
  • Panelist and FOP presenter at the Java One Apache XML BOF
KL Group - Java DeveloperSept 1999 - Dec 1999
Toronto , Ontario
  • Designed and created a robust test harness for the server-side testing of Deploy Director
  • Assisted other employees in learning about servlets and how to profile them for memory leaks
  • Volunteered to edit the "KL Group Tour" digital video
ConsultantFeb 1999 - Sept 2000
Toronto , Ontario
  • Co-started and operated a consulting business that offered the design and development of web applications
  • Contracted to design and create the Financial Tools Education Planner servlet for The Financial Sector
  • Contracted to implement a registration web site prototype using JDBC
KL Group - Java Developer/TesterJan 1999 - Apr 1999
Toronto , Ontario
  • Designed and created a mock ATM servlet for Threadalyzer demo
  • Worked on the JProbe servlet profiling process
  • Worked on JProbe's integration with JBuilder

Volunteer Work
'Hunt the Wumpus' project
Jan 2005 - Present
  • Work with high school students to teach them the principles of Object Oriented programming, and help them develop a computer game with their newly acquired skills
  • Created a documentary about the project to promote it across additional schools
Canadian Undergraduate Technology Conference
Sept 2000 - May 2003
Waterloo , Ontario
  • CUTC 2003 Co-Chair
  • Responsible for managing and leading the executive committee team leads for Industry Relations, Academic Relations, Public Relations, Student Relations, Sponsorship, Finance, Logistics, Operations, Social Events, and Registration
Waterloo Village Council
May 1999 - Aug 2000
Waterloo , Ontario
  • Elected as House Representative
  • Organized campus-wide comedy night
Markham's Mayor's Youth Task Force
Sept 1997 - June 1998
Thornhill , Ontario
  • Elected as Chairman
  • Organized "Youth Week", Markham job fair, and youth conference
Ontario Students Against Impaired Driving
Sept 1996 - June 1998
Thornhill , Ontario
  • Started school chapter and acted as chapter President
  • Organized informative school assemblies and awareness fundraisers

  • Tennis, basketball, baseball, piano, movies, reading, and writing
  • Writing fun and useful software utilities
  • Working with digital video, images, and electronics

References available upon request.

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